Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Should athletes accept less money?

Some would say accepting less increases your chances of winning in any team sport. In fact, we could use the New England Patriots organization as a prime example. One could argue their success is predicated on their head coach Bill Belicheck. In addition to Tom Brady's willingness to accept less money. Which enables his organization to put the requesite weapons around him in order to win championships. 

  However, we need to consider who is running that franchise. In terms of wizardry, Bill Belicheck is a genius! I marvel at this man's greatness because he always and I mean always has a plan. Which brings me to the Dallas Cowboys/Los Angeles Lakers/just to name a few. What about these multi-billion dollar owners who don't have a plan. Why would guys like Kobe Bryant or Dez Bryant accept less when their owners don't have a clue about winning? Because I don't see them taking paycuts! I dont see them apologizing for going over the salary! I don't see them dropping ticket prices for season ticket holders! Nor do I see their merchandise on sale! I don't see it! Do you because I don't! I digress! 

 A lot was said about Kobe Bryant for not accepting the quote on quote "hometown discount". I heard it was a selfish act on his behalf because the Lakers were awful. And in order for the Los Angeles Lakers to get back to the promise land, he needed to take less to surround himself with more. Which makes sense because if you have a ton of cash to attract marquee free agent's then all is well in LakerLand. But Jim Buss doesn't have a plan! What has he done besides trade for a guy who left them for dead in Dwight Howard? Nothing! 

Now how does that benefit the player again? Especially when an owner or general manager are responsible for running a organization into the ground? Why should Kobe or for another example Dez Bryant bail the Dallas Cowboys out of debt? These same owners cut and trade players all of the time. Some for the benefit of the team, others for salary cap reasons like the Oklahoma City Thunder. Can you say James Harden? Enough said.... 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Breaks Silence on Pacquiao Fight…:

Friday, December 5, 2014


The Dallas Cowboys remain undefeated on the road after last night's lopsided 41-28 victory over the lifeless Chicago Bears. Let's start with the offense, lead by Tony Romo who threw for 205 yards with 3tds.(2 to Cole Beasley) who pretty much had his way with that porous Chicago secondary all night long. Behind that massive offensive line, Demarco Murray had 32 rushing attempts for 179 yds and 1td.(9rec 49yds) The Chicago Bears defense had no answer for the Cowboys running game, which added an enormous amount of pressure already on the shoulders of a struggling Jay Cutler who stinks! You talk about robbing the Bears organization blind?! This dude has entirely too many weapons to look this horrible, this inept, this despicable behind the center making the kind of money he makes! His days as a starting QB are numbered in the city of Chicago.. They have had enough of Jay Cutler and so have I. 

Although Marty B had a good game, it meant absolutely nothing after Brandon Marshall went out with a cracked rib. From that moment on you knew the bears were in some serious trouble. Even though they mounted a come back, let's give some credit to the Dallas Cowboys defense. They actually looked good again.

They were aggressive, hungry, and played with a sense of urgency after their last outing against Philadelphia. Who made the Cowboys D look like shredded cheese at On The Border! I mean it was that awful. At 9-4 huge opportunity is at stake. The Cowboys could exercise those December demons by winning in Philly. Now that they have a full week to prepare for Chip Kelly's fast paced offense, the Cowboys should be more prepared to defend those sexy and exotic formations/ packages Philly threw their way in Dallas. The NFC EAST comes down to this game!!! This is what sports is all about!!!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The Return Of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is set to make his long awaited regular season debut after injuring his foot in the off-season. And I think it's safe to say the league is in better hands when it's superstars(Kobe,Rose,Rondo,Westbrook,Durant) are 100% healthy. Tonight he squares off against a young and exciting New Orleans Pelicans team lead by Anthony Davis... One of the NBA's premier defenders who has already improved on the offensive end this summer playing for team U.S.A. Now I'm sure Scotty Brooks will limit Kevin's minutes tonight and rightfully so. But moving forward, I still have some questions and concerns about this years Thunder team.

1. Has Kevin Durant developed a low post game? This has been the only impediment in his illustrious career. His skill set alone practically allows him to do anything other than bang down low. We all know Serge is a shot blocker/jump shooter/Perkins is limited to one move down low so Kevin has to elevate and evolve his game to put OKC over the top in the Western Conference.
2 Will Russell Westbrook finally take a back seat? Will he be more of a PG then SG? I highly doubt it... he's a killer.. a warrior, an assassin.. this dude could be on the court with Michael Jordan and still manage to shoot more than his airness which speaks volumes.
And last but not least
3. Will this supporting cast show up when Russell/Durant are struggling from the field? Jackson, Collison, Perkins, Jones, Telfair, Adams.... some are new but most are all too familiar. The answer is hell no!

4 Will Reggie Jackson accept his role being reduced yet again now that Russell Westbrook is back?

5. Will we continue to see the same 2 vs 5 offense from the thunder? You know kd it's your turn no Russell it's yours!!

 It's pretty obvious they need more depth and better coaching to win it all.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Is Slim Money?

Prior to this NBA season I had the Oklahoma City Thunder coming out of the Western Conference. But keep in mind my prediction was before I knew Sam Presti would part ways with a legitimate superstar in James Harden. Now a argument can be made on behalf of James Harden being more vital to Okc's success more so than Westbrook and Ibaka. Why? Because he had a chemistry that could not be duplicated with the leagues reigning 3x scoring champion Kevin Durant.
Which brings me to my bigger point, Kevin Durant has to be more aggressive. I have grown sick and tired of watching one of the best players/scorers this league has ever seen play second fiddle to his teammate. That being Russell Westbrook. Now don't get me wrong, I love Westbrook's competitive nature on both ends of the floor. But there is now way in hell he should have more shot attempts then Kevin Durant on a night in night out basis. Just thinking about this is preposterous to me. However in defense of Westbrook, Kevin has got to want it more. He has to be more assertive. More egotistical! More selfish!
Now I understand Kevin is trying to evolve as a player by rebounding and distributing the ball to open teammates and all that. I get it.... But he has to be more vocal! We as people should try to evolve in our respective positions. But don't go away from what you do best Kevin, which is scoring from anywhere on the floor. But until he gets the memo, the Thunder's chances on making it out of the West are slimmer then Jennifer Hudson ( who looks marvelous by the way). I will definitely have more to say on this topic Thursday night at 8pm central time on my show Ham Rothstein Sports. Signing off.. Stein.....